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    Empowering Customers with managed IT Services
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    Empowering Customers with managed IT services

About our services

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Deston Integrated Services operates an extensive network of Broadband /VSAT projects which include: VSAT Networks, VoIP and Video Conferencing solutions, VPN connectivity, Fiber Optics, ubiquitous IP coverage and any combination of them.

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Our Projects

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Vsat installation
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3.4m Dish
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About us

Deston Integrated Services Limited (DIS) is a leading IT services, network and communications provider for corporate and commercial users

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Deston has various options for small, medium and large scale organizations including individual users of her services.

DIS specializes in planning projects from start to commissioning and provides after sale services like maintenance.

DIS still remains at the fore front of pioneering and ensuring that her clients have access to the latest technology as regards internet facility


Providing internet services and IT solutions through a quality and stable network systems that attain the high standard of system security


Developing various services and solutions that are flexible, can be customized to suit business needs and operations with no limitations and can answer to every corporate customers need.


Devoting to provide quality after-sale services, consultations and quick problem solving by a team of experts that are available 24 hours a day.


To be a leading innovator, developer and marketer of integrated services, products and systems which provide superior value to our customers in meeting their general-operations needs while continually investing in products' research and business development to secure a reliable future

Who we are

Our leading-edge managed IT network and communications services deliver the superior and secured experience our customers value and trust

DIS keeps customers connected and businesses empowered.

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